"Timeless in a James Taylor vinyl kind of way"

-The Austin American-Statesman

"Best New Local Act"

-The Austin Cronicle

Nominated "Best Local Act"
-Austin Citysearch.com

"Strong singing, hot songs"
-The Boston Tab

Mike Rosenthal Press Kit


"On the simply stunning new record "Home," Rosenthal finds the magic just by being himself. His sweetly sung music is dated, yet timeless in a James Taylor vinyl kind of way. It's refreshing to hear a songwriter play, with such craft and focus, music oblivious to the trends. This is about as far as an often-comical, mop-topped kid with an acoustic guitar can get from whatever they're calling "anti-folk" this year. Rosenthal is not trying too hard, at last, and what's coming out resonates like his music never has before.

Standout track "Go Home," is a song about spurning what could be out there, when you've found all you really need. The flip side of "I Got What I Wanted (But I Lost Everything I Had)," "Go Home" is a song that says when you settle, you don't always settle for less. As evidenced by all the one-word titles (including "Rain," "Funny," "Tomorrow," "You,"), Rosenthal has found that the gift of economy comes with maturity. Feelings are concise, throwaway laugh lines are thrown away. And Rosenthal wisely keeps the record to 10 tracks, when in earlier years he might have tacked on whatever would fit and blown the mood.

The marathon runner (no, really) has found his pace, his zone on a record that won't blow you out of the water, but will sound better every time you listen to it. The tortoise trounces the hare again."
The Austin American-Statesman

"Timeless in the fashion of many well-worn pop classics, "Home" is almost freakishly engaging. Rosenthal’s tales aren’t cloaked in mystery or metaphor; honest, direct, and plainly told, they’re gems that spring forth one after another (“Funny,” “Go Home,” “What I Should Do,” “Next Train”). In an age of self- consciously hip introspection, Home beats a retreat to life’s basic treasures and conundrums, and the music rings true."
Texas Monthly Magazine

"Not unlike similar evolutions from Ryan Adams and Rhett Miller, Mike Rosenthal has orchestrated a surprisingly deft shift from uninspired alt.country to energetic power-pop on his sophomore local release, Movin' In. With only the slightest twang, tunes like "Alecia," "Marianne," and "Money" offer solidly constructed hooks and compelling melodies that come off not unlike a one-man Fastball in the midst of a Tom Petty kick. Could be that the transplanted New Englander, the man behind Movin' In's Red Truck imprint, has a real label to release his music after SXSW."
The Austin Chronicle

"An ex-newspaper writer from Rhode Island, Mr. Rosenthal has recast himself as one of Austin's best power-pop acts. Movin' In, his second CD, is packed with edgy three-minute gems that glimmer like long-lost Elvis Costello singles."
The Dallas Morning News

"When native New Englander Mike Rosenthal quit his job as a newspaper reporter and packed his belongings in a U-Haul, it was destination unknown. Well, two and a half years later, it's safe to say Rosenthal has arrived. In this self-titled, self-produced debut, Rosenthal shows why he is earning growing acclaim... Rosenthal uses the eye of a reporter and ear of a singer-songwriter to craft clever, catchy songs that are winning attention and airplay on radio stations..."
Boston Herald

"There's something about Mike Rosenthal's music that draws the ear closely... Witty, wistful, thoughtful, catchy, Rosenthal's lyrics are layered over a profusion of solid melodies arranged with instrumentation that's spare but never lacking, producing one of the most cohesive local debuts in many years."
The Austin Chronicle

"The slight, singing, songwriting, guitar-playing Rosenthal, unlike most of the Lone Star State's singing writers, natives or transplants, is informed more by rock 'n' roll and power pop than by country or classic folk... Rosenthal serves up wry, clever and smart, some serious backbeat, and an intensity that gets through even to casual listeners."
San Antonio Express News